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    A R X E designs its products inspired by nature, using organic and recovered materials. We produce handcrafted in our own workshops in the heart of nature, and we have a work team that united offers the best of each one to create products with soul.

    A R X E proposes and creates furniture adapted to the polyvalence and versatility of the spaces that are projected today.

    In our workshops we work with textile, upholstery, carpentry, metalworking and turnery artisans in wood and iron.
    All have learned their jobs thanks to the legacy they have left their teachers.

    A R X E participates in the ICEX Next program and has the support of Icex for the international expansion process. The objectives that have been marked within this program are the creation of a commercial network at international level and to reach in other countries the notoriety that is in the Spanish market as a design furniture brand that works in a sustainable manner. The results are expected in the medium term although, after participating in the fair of Paris Maison & Objet, it has already begun to reach the first agreements at an international level